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the designer


Lori is no stranger to the crazy world of events. Since my senior year in high school, I knew this was the industry for her! She met Dallas florist and event planner, Betsy Baldwin, and worked under her until she graduated. During this time she also began working at a North Texas event Venue, Hidden Creek, and learned a whole other side of the industry. After graduation, she continued working with both Betsy and Hidden Creek but decided to learn even more. She then met up with another local florist and event planner, Cassey Chapman with Petals and Pearls Unique designs, and continued to gain insight into the industry. Now, FOUR years later (holy wow), Lori has decided to take all the knowledge she learned and start her own business. She has a passion for making everyone feel loved and special and wants to help those who may be financially limited to still have the day they always dreamed of. She one day hopes to turn this business into a nonprofit where she will be able to help all types of people have their dream event.


I love my sweet husband Matthew and my precious dogs, Angel, Peanut, Ollie, and Mila. I learned to crochet but can never finish a project. I love funny TV shows and all things musical. Pink isn't just a color, it's a lifestyle. If I weren't a florist, I would like to think I would be on Broadway, a lawyer, or maybe something to do with puppies. I love the Lord, which means I love ALL people. I love pizza and Asian food. I have this dream of renovating a house, but also I rather just build one, but also you lose the character, so maybe I will do both one day! In the meantime, please tell me all about your DIY projects or passions! Family is so important, love those people, especially my mom. I am an introvert who wants to be an extrovert so bad, but all I ever want to do is get in bed and watch a movie! I want to hang out and get to know you better!


The man behind

Meet Matthew Hite! Husband, engineer, and the best partner in this crazy business! He makes all Lori's crazy visions come to life and adds a bit of muscle to the scene! Matthew loves being outdoors and doing projects in the garage. He can talk sports, food, bachelorette, you name it he's got something to say! If you see him around, don't be afraid to say hello! He loves people so well and is always down for a good time!

Fun Facts: He is obsessed with New Girl and can quote almost every episode! Music is life, someone should put him on name that tune because he would win! He makes the BEST reels ever, so follow him on instagram for some "insider content" lol! 

Instagram: @matthewrhite


The absolute order to Lori's chaos! Been looking for a no nonsense coordinator for your day? You have found her! She serves with everything in her to bring brides the best day possible!

Hannah is married to her high school sweetheart Logan and they have one GIANT pup named Maple and a new fur baby named Willow! She loves traveling, thrift shopping, and finding new coffee shops to try! Hannah is always down for an adventure and is the queen of setting boundaries! She loves deeply and protects those she holds dear (which could be YOU)! 

Fun Facts: Hannah is a firefighter/EMT in all her spare time! She was also a cheerleader in high school, which is just so fun! She loves Criminal Minds, and all things true crime! Enjoys Key Lime Pie and sour candies!


Catch us eating snacks that we will regret later because we lack self control when it comes to treats!

We are beyond grateful for Hannah and we know you are going to love having her on your side! 




The sweet puppies of! They can sometime's be found delivering flowers or modeling them! They love meeting new friends and will never turn down a snack! If you ever get to meet them, they love pets and will never leave you alone once you start! They are some of the sweetest coworkers around!

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