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moving by being still

This title seems like a complete oxymoron but hang with me for a bit and it'll all make sense shortly. Our entire lives are a constant moving around, on to the next thing and place. We are going and going, but we never take time to be still. I am very guilty of this myself. I keep myself busy and find myself drifting from the things I care about most. I am sure you have all heard the phrase "be still," but how practical is that? Everyone is in a stage of life whether its school, parenting, retirement, or finding something new in life, we simply don't have the time to be still. This year I am taking a new approach to how I view being still. Being still does not mean we have to sit around and wait for God to do something, I believe it's a way of communication with God. We have to make time to let our thoughts take the back burner and let God do the talking. Being still is taking time before jumping into decisions. Being still is taking time to reflect on what we have to be grateful for. This year is an exciting one, but also an uncertain one. I recently got engaged, which brings about excitement of its own, but also some stress and worry. Coming from a bigger family with four girls in college, money tends to hold us back. Constant worry that we won't be able to go back, much less afford a wedding. No matter how much I could let that consume me, nothing would change. I am learning to be still in my constant state of moving and learning who I am and why God has placed me on this earth. I am not just sitting around hoping for a miracle. I am constantly in pursuit of what God has for me next. At times I hear wrong, but that is okay. We can make mistakes. We can forget things. But by moving while being still, I know that no matter where I am or what I do, I am putting Him first in all things, and by doing that I cannot fail. Let me clarify something... I am not being still and waiting around, then moving, then being still and so on, I am moving in the direction God calls me while in my time of communicating with Him through being still.

I am super nervous about starting up on my own, but I know I am not alone. I have family who supports me, a great fiance who would do anything to see me smile, and friends in all the right places to motivate me when needed. Most importantly, I know God has laid upon my heart each step I am supposed to take and has given me the courage to be bold and put myself out there. No matter how hard it'll seem at times, I'm going to keep moving to the next goal.

I hope you all take some time in between places you have to be this year and really think how you can be used by God to better the world around us. We are called to love and share our love with others. We have to keep moving and pushing forward to the next thing, do not just give up or become overwhelmed because something seems impossible. In your movement everyday be in constant communication asking where the next move is.

I also hope by reading this you see my heart and my passion for helping others. Even if it's just by making flowers, or sending some suggestions. Do not let your circumstances keep you form taking time to be still while moving.



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