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pay it forward

One of my biggest hopes with starting this company is that it will inspire others to help one another. Do I want people to enjoy the flowers or service they receive? Absolutely, but at the end of the day the main goal is to love and serve as Jesus did so that someone may come to know Him. I have been on both the receiving and giving end of "paying it forward." For those of you who may have never heard this term, it means to pay someone elses way in hopes that they do the same. It really is a blessing when you are the receiver, even if you didn't need it. One time, a good friend and I were at a store, standing in the check out line debating what to put back because we could not afford everything in our hands. The lady in front of us heard our conversation, turned around and said something I never expected. She said, "Here is the rest of the money you need to buy all of those things. I was once in college, so I know how tough it can be, but I want you to remember when you are on the other side to pay it forward to someone else." And she proceeded to hand us in cash the money we needed to buy all of it. We were in shock. Obviously what she said has stuck with me and has become a core value in F.LORI.SH's mission statement. I want to encourage people to give when they are able to those who may not be in the same situation. All my life, my family has been blessed by people's constant generosity. Buying us clothes when we couldn't afford it, paying our way to camps and mission trips, or even just helping us move. All of it has really made me realize the value of others kindness. So when creating F.LORI.SH, it was imperative that giving back be a part of our identity.

Jesus made the ultimate "pay it forward" if we really think about it. He died on a cross so that we could have a relationship with our heavenly father. There really is no greater love than this. No great act of service for someone. In my efforts to be more like Him each and every day, I want to really encourage everyone

to consider paying it forward. Some of you may be better off financially, great pay it forward with your money. Some of you may be struggling, but still long to do something, perfect pay it forward with your time and gifts. God has equipped us all with unique gifts, so why not finally put them to use? Let's all make an effort to "pay it forward" every day, you just never know who's life you may change.

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